Shoulders of the Ancestors

July 2014

The reason I appear to be standing so tall is because my feet are firmly planted on the shoulders of my ancestors

The Case for Reparations

A Time For Justice

Since writer and cultural critic Ta-Nehisi Coates made his compelling “Case For Reparations” in The Atlantic, it has been a hot-button topic and the questions have come fast and furious. An article from NEWSONE.COM (CLICK HERE) examines several related questions: What is reparations? What should it look like? How has slavery and subsequent systems of oppression had a continuing impact on Black Americans? Will the United States ever pay reparations for its role in what amounts to domestic terrorism against African Americans?

The May 21, 2014 edition of Atlantic Monthly features a special on “The Case for Reparations,” by Ta-Nehisi Coates. This groundbreaking article focuses on how during the 20th century both private individuals and the government excluded blacks from the blessing of American prosperity. CLICK HERE for this Atlantic Monthly article.

Useful Links on the RACE & WEALTH Debate

 UNITED FOR A FAIR ECONOMY recently published an article that presents 11 ways federal government giveaways gave an economic headstart to white people while excluding people of color, including free land for Revolutionary War veterans, legalized squatting allowing white settlers to take over Native American land, as well as G.I Bill benefits that provided free college education, vocational training, and cheap mortgages to nearly two million white WWII vets while simultaneously blocking most veterans of color from accessing the same benefits. CLICK HERE or the image above.


Consider revisiting the 2011 PEW STUDY on the RACIAL WEALTH GAP. Also check out a PEW POLL reported in THE ROOT.COM (June 2014) in which 63 Percent of Americans Believe Blacks Are Responsible for Their Own Conditions.


Below an animated short video graphically illustrates historic barriers to wealth experienced by some groups in the United States.

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In A TIME FOR JUSTICE, four-time Academy Award-winning filmmaker Charles Guggenheim captured the spirit of the civil rights movement through historical footage and the voices of those who participated in the struggle.


Narrated by Julian Bond and featuring John Lewis, the 38-minute film allows today’s generation of students to witness firsthand the movement’s most dramatic moments—the bus boycott in Montgomery, the school crisis in Little Rock, the violence in Birmingham and the triumphant 1965 march for voting rights.


Through primary source images and with text students will learn about President Lincoln's initial reluctance to recruit African Americans, the contributions of runaway slaves, and how African Americans contributed to the Union's victory over the Confederacy.


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