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Your kit contains four 11 x 17 full color posters on poster stock and a Powerpoint presentation with 22 slides on a USB drive.


Dangerous Escapes

This learning chart presents an overview about enslaved people who ran away.  Through text and primary source images your students will find out the experiences of runaways.


Capturing Runaways

With this chart your students will explore how southern communities  employed mounted patrols to capture runaway slaves. In addition students will discover various ways runaways fooled patrols.


Legendary Escapes

In this learning chart your students will learn about three of the most famous escapes from enslavement; Henry "Box" Brown, Ellen and William Craft, and Harriet Tubman.


The Underground Railroad

With  a map and two 19th century paintings your students will be able to identify elements of the Underground Railroad. The text in this learning chart details the various routes traveled by runaways utilizing the Underground Railroad.


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Printed on 10 lb card stock the four 11" X 17" learning charts are convenient for students to handle individually or in small groups.  Display the posters to reinforce  your lesson.


The CD contains a 22 slide Powerpoint presentation with additional images and text for note-taking, along with an instructional guide


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