Shoulders of the Ancestors

September  2014

The reason I appear to be standing so tall is because my feet are firmly planted on the shoulders of my ancestors

Is Ferguson A Teachable Moment?

As the new school year begins students may be experiencing “anger, frustration, sadness, confusion, and questions” associated with the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. A recent TEACHING FOR CHANGE article provides a few ideas and resources for the classroom to help students think critically about the events in Ferguson and ways they can be proactive in their own communities.

CLICK ABOVE to view a MSNBC segment that aired on August 24, 2014 NBC’s Richard Lui reports the latest on the mood in Ferguson. Then, as family and friends prepare for Michael Brown’s funeral, Elon James White, Michael Skolnik, Salamishah Tillet and Kai Wright take a closer look at how he’s been characterized by police and the media.

More Useful Links Related to the Ferguson Protests


Talking About Race & Racism in the Classroom


Classroom conversations about race and racism can be difficult. Often teachers and students avoid the topics altogether. When they do take place, conversations frequently remain superficial or simplistic. CLICK HERE for a primer on discussing "race" and "racism"  (Adapted from Talking Race in the Classroom by Jane Bolgatz, Teachers College Press, 2005).


TEACHABLE MOMENT, a project of Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility provides numerous through K-12 classroom lessons on controversial topics. CLICK HERE for their lesson plan: WHAT HAPPENED IN FERGUSON - AND WHY?

Yes, Black Males Are Different, but Different Is Not Deficient


Back in 2012 Christopher Emdin of Phi Delta Kappan wrote that to address the low achievement of black males, schools must be willing to accept that there are ways of looking at the world, modes of communication, and approaches to teaching and learning that are unique to black males.

CLICK HERE for the full article published in EDUCATION WEEK.

Above a short animated video graphically illustrates historic barriers to wealth experienced by some groups in the United States.

A Time For Justice

Teachers can order this kit for free.


The Kit includes:

38-minute film with closed-captioning on DVD

Teacher’s Guide with five lesson plans on CD

Classroom Poster, “Civil Rights Movement Timeline,”

In A TIME FOR JUSTICE, four-time Academy Award-winning filmmaker Charles Guggenheim captured the spirit of the civil rights movement through historical footage and the voices of those who participated in the struggle.


Narrated by Julian Bond and featuring John Lewis, the 38-minute film allows today’s generation of students to witness firsthand the movement’s most dramatic moments—the bus boycott in Montgomery, the school crisis in Little Rock, the violence in Birmingham and the triumphant 1965 march for voting rights.


Through primary source images and with text students will learn about President Lincoln's initial reluctance to recruit African Americans, the contributions of runaway slaves, and how African Americans contributed to the Union's victory over the Confederacy.



This educational kit contains four full color posters and a CD with a Powerpoint presentation.


SHOULDERS OF THE ANCESTORS is a division of AFRICAN AMERICAN POSTERS & PRESENTATIONS (AAPP) . AAPP provides classroom tested educational posters and learning charts that utilize the new scholarship in African and African American history and culture. The graphics on our learning charts are selected to engage students. Visit us today at www.aahistoryposters.com.